Sunday, February 11, 2007

Uh oh...

Eeek! It's already started!! I have neglected my blog!!

No, wait. It is just a typical weekend for me leaving absolutely no time for anything personal to do. I barely even have time to do laundry! Oh the horrors! Seriously, my weekend is full of work, work, work!

So what exactly did I do anyway? From 10A until 3P, I installed Windows Vista Ultimate on a customer's computer. Then, after driving near 100 miles, from 4P until 6:30P, I educated my Mom in how to use Google's Picasa. The time before 10A was spent watching Ian, changing his diaper, dressing him, and feeding him, then finally getting ready to go. When I got home at 7P, it was time to change him again, bathe him, feed him, and put him to bed. "Welcome to Parenting" as my beloved girlfriend loves to say.

Speaking of my girlfriend, she is quite annoyed at me today because I spent hardly any time at all watching and taking care of Ian. (According to her...) Also, when I say "quite annoyed" I am declaring an understatement. I try my best but it just isn't quite enough...

So this concludes a weekend. Yesterday I was working for at least 50% of the day, but received a nice amount of compensation for said work. Today was not as such. Tomorrow will prove to be yet another testing day in my life.

Care to come along?

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