Sunday, February 18, 2007

My keyboard has a drainage system!

I'm watching my son take his bath right now. He's splashing water all over the room, including my Dell laptop. He isn't really getting it very wet, just a little drop of water here and there. If it was more, I would be concerned, but it's currently at harmless levels. I once saw a review of a heavy-duty grade laptop that was completely waterproof and drop-resistant. The drop-resistant part didn't stand up too well (the LCD screen shattered and the hard disk drive was clicking on the 8th drop) but as for the water test, they built a drainage system into the system chassis. All liquid spilled on it came out a little hole in the bottom. I was impressed!

I do not believe my precious Dell has such a system, but I know it can withstand a certain amount of elements. So here I sit writing and watching my son. Quite a lot has happened since the last time I posted, but I really cannot remember most of it. I've been shopping very much for Colleen's parents' "Family Day" (not related to FOX's "Family Guy", unfortunately) so I've visited a few malls, Wal-Mart's, Best Buy's, bookstores, dollar stores, and much more. The only place I haven't been recently is the grocery store and I think that trip is coming up soon.

Thus ends another stress-filled weekend. One thing I did do that was very awesome was see Ghost Rider opening night. Seriously awesome movie. You should definitely see it. And Sour Skittles FTW!!

One last thought. Why do children love water so much?

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