Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The day before Valentine's Day

I meant to make an entry here yesterday but it just wasn't happening... I had to come home from work a couple of hours early to help Colleen with Ian. She had gotten practically no sleep the day before and was having a really hard time. I wish this baby would just pop out already. So I finished my daily workload from home when I could.

The days pass by slowly for me. Things will go faster once the baby is born, but until then all we can do is wait. I need to buy Colleen something for V-day today, seeing as how the big day is tomorrow. I noticed that Blizzard has decorated all of the massive World of Warcraft with holiday things. Then they add many little presents to give you extra abilities for short periods of time. The purpose, of course, is to bring you the Valentine's day spirit. What it really does is make you play more during the holiday's to increase your level even more rapidly. Then on Valentine's day evening, "Sorry honey, I can't go out to dinner with you, my warrior is almost to level 46!"

But life goes on. Colleen actually didn't want to go out this year to save money and effort. I have to agree with her; it would save a lot of stress. So she bought a nice Italian-style ready-to-make dinner for us late tomorrow night. I am trying to make it special.

I have things to do now; until next time, ciao!

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