Wednesday, February 7, 2007

First time, you're the guest; after that, you're on your own...

I'm watching American Idol right now. What's important is not that I am watching American Idol, but I am watching cable television on my laptop. Furthermore, staying true to a laptop's capability of being fully portable, not one wire is connected to my Latitude. This is of course possible by the streaming media capability of the free service known as Orb.

I have utilized Orb for at least six months, but without streaming TV capabilities. After updating the drivers for my TV tuner and installing the latest version of Orb, the service magically began working. I have been thrilled for the past 24 hours. Honestly, this is great! I highly recommend you check it out for yourself.

In other news... Some people just can't sing. Just... No people. No.

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